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​Family and Friends’ Guide to Domestic Violence

​Family and Friends’ Guide to Domestic Violence

Family and Friends’ Guide to Domestic Violence

How to Listen, Talk and Take Action when Someone you Care About is Being Abused

Elaine Weiss, Ed. D (2004, approx £10.00) To buy press here.

This book is an excellent introduction to the main issues surrounding domestic abuse and how to support someone you know in this situation. This book is relevant for families, friends and those in the helping professions.

The first half of this book helps us to understand domestic abuse: physical and psychological. It reviews the myths and the realities and includes a chapter on understanding the abuser. It provides insights into why women may not leave, the complexities of psychological abuse and the difference between a bad relationship and an abusive relationship.

The second half of this book provides very helpful suggestions on how to support someone experiencing domestic abuse without judgement or harmful advice. The author provides very practical sentences that can be said and helpful attitudes and actions to take when observing someone you expect is experiencing domestic abuse without alienating them.

The last chapter highlights the fact that even when the woman finally exits the abusive relationship support is still needed. The effects of abuse are long term and ‘after it’s over, it’s not over’.

This is a short, very readable book and can be completed in a few sittings. However, a huge amount of information is packed into each page. I would highly recommend it to anyone trying to support someone in a domestic abuse situation or trying to support someone just coming out of one.