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We've put together an exciting programme of sessions and seminars that will equip you in the three key areas of our mission at Restored: Speaking Up, Supporting Survivors, and Equipping the Church.

Speaking Up

We’ll be exploring How We Can Speak Up against domestic abuse through advocacy and intervention, thinking about when we should speak up, how to speak up, and dealing with dissent. We’re really excited to have Rosemary Hack, CEO of Press Red, joining us in Manchester to lead this session.

Equipping the Church

Revd Helen Paynter, PhD, will be helping us Go deeper into theology and explore what the Bible does (and crucially, doesn’t!) say about domestic abuse. Our very own Carolina Kuzaks-Cardenas and Emma Scott will also be leading a seminar on Supporting survivors through the courts.

Supporting Survivors

We’ll be thinking about Creating a space for peer support, and are so pleased to have Sally Hope, creator of the Always Hopeful Course, joining us in Manchester to share her expertise with us. As well as this, Emma Scott and Carolina Kuzaks-Cardenas will be helping us think about Navigating new relationships - something that survivors of domestic abuse may find difficult.

Alongside these brilliant seminars, we’ll be joining together for mainstage talks from Helen Paynter, and our CEO Bekah Legg will be sharing from one of her favourite passages in the Bible; a story where violence against women is front and centre, and one that inspires so much of what we do at Restored.

For both dates, arrive from 9.15am to grab yourself a tea or coffee; we'll be kicking things off at 10am. Refreshments will be provided throughout the day, but please bring your own lunch, or head to a local café! We're aiming to finish up at 4pm.