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We're taking our conference to two locations this year - first Manchester, and then London. Here's exactly where to find us.


Saturday 22nd October

The Fuse,

Warburton Lane,



M31 4BU

Find The Fuse on Google Maps

You can catch the 255 bus from central Manchester to Partington. The nearest train station is Irlam.

There is plenty of car parking space at the venue.

See photos of The Fuse here.


Saturday 5th November

Holy Trinity Claygate

Church Road



KT10 0JP

Find Holy Trinity Claygate on Google Maps

Holy Trinity Claygate is walking distance from Claygate train station, and has parking available.

See Photos of Holy Trinity Claygate here.

For both dates, doors will open at 9.15am. Arrive by 9.30am to grab yourself a tea or coffee; we'll be kicking things off at 9.45. Refreshments will be provided throughout the day, but please bring your own lunch, or head to a local café! We're aiming to finish up at 4pm.