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We provide human support for women who have been neglected by those who were meant to love them. Abuse robs women of their identity, their security, their value and their safety. We want to see all men and women thrive and flourish, despite these difficult, sometimes terrifying, circumstances.

That's why we created our Survivors' Handbook to bring hope to those who may feel they have to choose between their freedom and their faith. This book explores domestic abuse and faith, reminding women they are loved and valued, no matter what they've been through. We want every survivor of domestic abuse to know that there is hope.

Our Survivors' Handbook provides not only hope and encouragement to survivors of domestic abuse but also crucial information to help them manage the practical realities of leaving an abuser. The inspiration to publish this Handbook came out of our online Survivors’ Network; it became clear that women who have experienced domestic abuse face very similar challenges, but few resources addressing these challenges are available. The handbook is divided into three themes:

  • managing the practical realities after leaving an abuser
  • healing and recovery after leaving an abuser
  • theological issues relating to domestic abuse

Many sections in the Handbook can apply to all female survivors of abuse, with any faith background or none. The Handbook includes chapters on security, protective orders, supporting children, financial and career planning, managing physical and mental health, healing, as well as a section on what the Bible says about domestic abuse, divorce, justice and forgiveness.


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'Refuges are underfunded, under resourced and under-staffed. Abused and often very disturbed women are wandering around without purpose... I found my faith and hope - I'm not unique. Wouldn't it be fantastic if this book led others in the direction I am now headed.'

— Survivor —

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Just £5 can help us provide a woman with a Handbook, and help to change her story.

One really practical way that you can begin to restore dignity and hope is through gifting a woman with our Survivors' Handbook. We would love to see a handbook in every home and refuge that needs one. But, we need your support to get there. We’re raising funds to enable us to donate hundreds of copies of the Handbook. Can you donate to help us change the story for survivors of domestic abuse in homes and refuges across the country?

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