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We want to provide human support for women who have been neglected by those who were meant to love them. Abuse robs women of their identity, their security, their value and their safety. We want to see all men and women thrive and flourish, despite these difficult, sometimes terrifying, circumstances.

One really practical way that you can begin to restore dignity and hope is through gifting a woman with our Survivors' Handbook. We would love to see a handbook in every refuge in the country and we're working to this become a reality. But, we need your support to get there. We’re raising funds to enable us to donate hundreds of copies of the Handbook. Can you donate to help us change the story for survivors of domestic abuse in refuges across the country?


'Refuges are underfunded, under resourced and under-staffed.  Abused and often very disturbed women are wandering around without purpose.  So tragic that when they have been through so much and been so brave they are rewarded with a void, no wonder there is a pall of doom hanging over the place and they return to what is familiar at least.  I found my faith and hope - I'm not unique. Wouldn't it be fantastic if this book led others in the direction I am now headed.'

— Survivor —

Gift a Handbook today

Just £10 can help us provide a woman with a Handbook, and help to change her story.

Give the gift of a Handbook