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If someone in your church disclosed domestic abuse, would you know what do to? We've created the Church Guide to equip you to respond effectively to disclosures of domestic abuse, support survivors in your congregation, and engage with perpetrators.

The Church Guide covers topics like managing disclosures, what the Bible says about domestic abuse, how to support survivors, and how to help perpetrators of abuse. It's full of practical advice, and explains the complexities of domestic abuse in an easy to understand way.

We know that churches have a crucial role to play in ending domestic abuse, and we want to equip you to respond well when it occurs in your church community.

“I wish people – my family and those at church – had listened to me. The church needs to have a greater understanding so that they can support you. They need to listen and understand."

— Domestic abuse survivor —

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International Church Packs

We've translated the first edition of our Church Guide into a range of languages, including French, Arabic, Russian and Swahili. All translations available to download for free.

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