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Navigating Christmas

For survivors of domestic abuse, Christmas can be a challenging time. Here's a guide to help you not just endure but discover moments of joy during this time.

Create your unique Christmas

Reject the idealised image of a perfect family Christmas. Forge your traditions with your perfectly imperfect family setup, acknowledging the strength it took to reach this point and how far you’ve already come!

Keep festive moments flexible

Whether you're sharing time with a co-parent or spending time solo, remember that magical Christmas experiences aren't confined to specific dates. Cherish shared moments or create new ones on your terms.

Make it merry!

Do you prefer a cheese board or a chinese meal over a traditional turkey dinner? Then go for it! Plan some special self-care time to truly embrace any alone time, or buy yourself a present! Have honest conversations with close friends who understand your journey and whom you can call on for extra support. Can you plan a time to hang out and have fun with them? Christmas can be a break and not a breakdown!

Spend mindfully

Avoid going over your budget and spending on unnecessary items. Prioritise experiences that bring joy, healing, and new memories (think presence over presents!). Create homemade gifts or consider second-hand items too. This blog from Care for the Family has loads of great money saving tips for Christmas!

Remember Emmanuel - God with Us:

God is present and journeys with you. Seek His comfort and guidance during this season. Keep a comforting Bible verse close (in your pocket or make it your phone screen saver!) We love Isaiah 41:10: "So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand."

Reach out for Support

If you need extra support, contact the Domestic Abuse helpline or webchat. If you're part of the Restored Survivors' Network, the Facebook group will still be running, and the Survivors' Network email inbox will be checked every few days. There are some fantastic charities out there who are also available, Samaritans, Refuge, Mind. We can’t stop the pain and difficulties, but the Restored team and amazing women in the Survivors Network can be here to pray and journey through it and with you!

Support our work

Christmas is a great time to give back! If you've got room in your budget, you could consider donating to Restored, or another charity that's close to your heart.

Follow these ideas and share other ways to reclaim joy, heal, and celebrate God's coming to Earth this Christmas!

Light a beacon of hope for survivors of domestic abuse this Christmas

You can make sure more churches are equipped to respond to disclosures and walk alongside survivors of domestic abuse.

Find out more