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The lasting effects of trauma and isolation leave survivors navigating complex challenges for months, years, and even decades after leaving an abuser. Despite this, the majority of domestic abuse services are only able to provide short-term support to those in need of help.

That’s where Restored comes in.

We’re there for the journey: walking alongside survivors for as long as they need us, providing support that extends beyond the first few weeks of recovery.

But we need your help to keep going.

Susannah, domestic abuse survivor

“Restored has helped me - and continues to help - three decades after I left an abusive relationship. It’s a long struggle, but Restored's online posts, published resources and ‘ear to listen’ have helped so much. I see more clearly, I understand what happened and how to rebuild. There is a lot of rebuilding to do, but I am no longer alone.”

Susannah, domestic abuse survivor


could provide a woman with a free Survivor's Handbook, to help navigate the journey


could give a survivor a place on a domestic abuse recovery course, so they don't have to walk alone.


could provide a Restored Beacon Coordinator, to give in person support.

Today, you can make sure more survivors like Susannah are able to access this long term support. A donation of just £10 will help us to be there for more women, for as long as they need us. Will you be part of making that possible?

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Make sure more survivors can access support as they navigate the long journey of recovery from domestic abuse.

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